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As well as writing for theatre, I also write articles on film, media and politics.

Please find a selection of my writing  on this page.

“A genius astrophysicist is a new one for me” — Zoe Telford on The Lazarus Project Season 2


Contributor: London Palestine Film Festival (paragraph in 9 brilliant film festivals to check out in London this winter)

Time Out​

Closing the cinema will further divide St Andrews

Scottish Left Review

Love in Translation


The original Frasier was genius – the reboot feels like it was written by ChatGPT


The challenge of changing the media narrative

International Broadcasting Trust 

Exploring Ousmane Sembène’s activist cinema at 100

Little White Lies

Should your charity be on TikTok?

International Broadcasting Trust 

A Danger to Activism

UK Youth Climate Coalition

Why did the National Library of Scotland write its Climate Action Plan?

History Collections

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