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Henry Roberts

“I have seldom witnessed such profound talent in a writer of such tender

years.” - The New European

Selected Plays


Close Enough to Touch

Directed by Lauren Tranter

Theatre 503. March 2024. Longlisted in the RSC's 37 Plays project.



"Roberts’ writing is poetic, witty, and engaging ... a raw, empathetic, and intelligent piece on the challenges we still face with the ambiguity of our sexuality and the added complexity regarding our relationship to masculinity. I didn’t want it to end; I wanted more."

-A Youngish Perspective

"The plot is carefully navigated, and Roberts' writing does an exceptional job of knowing exactly what the audience wants and when they want it ... Close Enough to Touch unravels a world that most may not even know exists and delivers

brilliantly. We flowed with the emotions of the piece and were involved in Roberts’ creation

where the stakes felt almost as important to us as they were to him."

-Adventures in Theatreland

Work-in-progress performances at Drayton Arms Theatre, May 2023

Your Call is Important to Us - Camden People's Theatre.jpg

Your Call is Important to Us 

Devised by Henry Roberts and Lata Nobes

Bear and Bird Theatre


Latest performance: Riverside Studios, February 2024


Originally performance: Camden People's Theatre- April 2023

A devised, multidisciplinary theatre performance using integrated BSL, about depression, communication and love in a mental health crisis.


The Pink Water

by Henry Roberts

Directed by Matt Palliser-Kehoe
Cork Unitarian Church Hall, Ireland. December, 2022.


12 photo 1.jpeg


by Henry Roberts

Produced by The Greenhouse Theatre, 2022

Directed by Lata Nobes
Script Longlisted by the Traverse Theatre 2020

'Explores the theme of natural heritage, with a balance between bliss and emergency' - The Play's The Thing


'Sweet, relatable and wonderfully awkward, with witty dialogue from Henry

Roberts bringing out the best in the characters.' - Theatre Weekly



by Henry Roberts

Produced by The Greenhouse Theatre, 2019

Directed by Oli Savage

'A poignant play that asks why

violence among humans concerns us, while violence against nature doesn’t.'
- All Edinburgh Theatre

'Beautifully written... a strong and compelling narrative with such an important message to share.'

- Theatre Weekly


by Henry Roberts

Produced by Boxedin Theatre, 2019

Directed by Oli Savage

“I have seldom witnessed such profound talent in a writer of such tender

years.” - The New European

Echoes of You

by Henry Roberts 

with The Greenhouse Theatre 
Currently in creation 


An immersive sound experience about loss, love, and grief set at Lesnes Abbey. Using innovative geo-locative technology, the show is experienced by each audience member individually: plugging in headphones, exploring the space and reflecting on our relationship with the past.

Other Places

by Henry Roberts 

Top 100 finalist for the 2020 Verity Bargate Award at Soho Theatre, among over 1400 submissions.

A two hander set in Whalley, Lancashire about how we perform our desires, class and status, and questions whether two people can really say they share the same story of their time together.

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